Everyone remembers being in grade school and hearing that alarm go off in the hallway signaling a fire drill. All the students would line up in a single file line and follow their teacher quickly, but safely, to their designated waiting area. Once everyone was safely outside, the principal would go over why they were doing the drill, congratulate the students on a job well done, and head back into class.

These drills usually took no more than 15 minutes to run through a few times throughout the year, yet in the case of an actual emergency, would do wonders in terms of effectively escorting the students to safety. So why does this level of planning and preparedness stop after High School?

Having a plan in place to ensure that your business runs as smoothly as possible, no matter the circumstances, should be second nature. Yet most business owners, especially manufacturers, overlook this step until something goes wrong and they’re scrambling to patch up the problem. Having a plan in place in case any link in the chain is broken – third party vendors or in-plant – can make all the difference in the world when it comes to meeting your bottom line for the year.

Our partners over at Travelers put together a supply chain pressure test that you can take to see if your current plan is up to snuff. If you’re wondering how your plant holds up, we recommend taking the five minutes to complete this quiz.

As the Boy Scouts say, it never hurts to “Be Prepared.” Contact us for more information, or take the Travelers pressure test to see how you fair: