In 2016 Dr. Reagan Anderson reached out to Central Bank & Trust to secure a loan for a new office in Southern Colorado Springs to open his Colorado Dermatology Institutes second location. “There is a huge need for Dermatology Services in this part of town. Since I am former military, it was important to me to be available for the military population that is located on the South part of town,” said Dr. Anderson. The property purchased had an existing building on it, however it wasn’t the office that Dr. Anderson envisioned for his practice. Not wanting to simply destroy what was there, Dr. Anderson and his team began the long and “green” journey of converting the existing building into a modern-day office complex.

When asked why a green approach was so important, Dr. Anderson said, “I believe that we are all stewards of this amazing planet and everything we do should be focused on leaving as little of a footprint as possible.”  This green approach meant that the design process was much more extensive and required more up-front funding. In November 2017, after several months of planning, Central Bank & Trust was able to help secure a further construction loan to help build out the new Colorado Dermatology Institute office. “Having a responsible, beautiful, and amazingly functional building to support our culture of doing the right thing, doing the best you can and showing others you care was of utmost importance to us,” said Dr. Anderson.

The new Colorado Dermatology Institute is the first building of its kind in Colorado Springs. It is not only beautiful, it’s functional, green, and culture driven, having:

  • Re-purposed as many materials as possible
  • Donated items that could not be used, to sites that could use them
  • LED lights throughout with an architectural design meant to take advantage of as much natural light as possible
  • Concrete parking lot (these last longer and do not need to be maintained as frequently)
  • Bi-Facial Solar panels to collect light that comes straight down from the sun as well as light that bounces off the special roof
  • Geo-Thermal HVAC system
  • Live Plant Walls to filter the air and for their aesthetic appeal
  • Sustainable, low VOC materials everywhere in the clinic they could feasibly be used

Green Wall

While building “green” takes a bit more time and resources than the traditional construction approach, Dr. Anderson’s practice will see a return on its investment around the 7-9-year mark, highlighting the fact that building green can be as good for the environment as it is for your bottom line.  From Dr. Anderson’s perspective, “As skin cancer specialists, our patients need and deserve the highest level of service and efficiency. When our patients come to the Colorado Dermatology Institute, they know that we pay attention to every little detail for their health, because we have paid attention to every little detail in the environment in which they are receiving their medical care.”

Dr. Anderson has banked with Central Bank & Trust for the past 9-years. When asked about his partnership with Central Bank & Trust, Dr. Anderson said, “Mark, Tony and team have always found a way to meet my needs. Most businesses find ways to meet their own needs, not that of their clients.  The first loan I needed, another bank in town told me that they could not do it. But Central Bank & Trust not only found a way, they also have had all my business ever since.” He continued, “They are my partner in business, and they care for the community in which they are helping to build. They have my trust and therefore my loyalty.”

Geothermal Room

Dr. Anderson hopes to start a revolution in Colorado Springs, encouraging individuals and companies to not only create architectural design that mirrors our beautiful surroundings, but also undergo construction that honors the environment with as little impact as possible – all while being business-savvy.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next construction project or are in need of a green office space to rent, stop by the Colorado Dermatology Institute’s new office, located at 1220 Lake Plaza Dr.

A big Congrats to Dr. Anderson and his team at the Colorado Dermatology Institute! Central Bank & Trust is proud to have had a small part in this amazing project.