Switchbacks Soccer
Your Hometown Team

Central Bancorp is proud to support the Colorado Springs Switchbacks Football Club

The Colorado Springs Switchbacks Football Club is one of the newest professional soccer clubs competing in the USL (United Soccer League).  Playing their inaugural season in 2015, the Switchbacks joined 18 other clubs from across the United States and were joined by 4 more teams starting in 2016.

The Switchbacks were founded by owner, Ed Ragain, a successful engineer and businessman who founded and built a Colorado based engineering firm into an international engineering leader. Ed’s company, ME Engineers, has designed many of the largest sporting venues, health care systems, and airports around the world. He has personally written the broadcast lighting design guidelines for FIFA, MLS, NFL, MLB, NBA, and the Olympic Broadcast Systems. Sports have been central to Ed’s professional interest which he now brings to Colorado Springs with the Switchbacks Football Club.

The United Soccer League (USL) has been organizing professional and amateur soccer under the umbrella of the US Soccer Federation (USSF) since the 1980’s. Unlike other professional sports in the US, the USSF provides overall guidance and plan for the development of the sport in this country. From competitive youth leagues all the way to the USL, MLS, and Men’s/Women’s National Team, the USSF is the governing body.

Up until August of 2013, professional soccer leagues had been in somewhat of a competition between each other. In Europe, professional soccer teams participate in what is called promotion and relegation where a club can move to a higher or lower league based on it’s performance. The US has never been a promotion / relegation system, nor have top leagues cooperated under a true pyramid type of structure. In August of 2013, however, the USL and MLS created a groundbreaking relationship where all MLS teams would eliminate their developmental team in order to field or affiliate with a USL team by 2015. As a result of this new arrangement, the USL is growing dramatically while improving its on field content and content delivery. The Switchbacks are proud to be joining professional soccer when cooperation at the professional level is at an all-time high.

For the Switchbacks current season calendar and ticket information, visit switchbacksfc.com