Loan Programs

Our competitive rates, broad selection of mortgage products, and first-class service have made us a lender of choice in the Colorado Springs community. Explore CB&T Mortgage loan programs:

Conventional Loans

Conventional loans sponsored by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac accommodate loans up to $453,100 and include a wide range of down payment, interest rates, and repayment terms.

VA Loans

CB&T Mortgage, one of El Paso County’s largest VA lenders, has received automatic authority from the Veterans Administration to issue VA loan guarantees.

Features of a VA loan include:

  • No down payment
  • Fixed rate loans
  • More flexible qualification guidelines than conventional loans

FHA Loans

CB&T Mortgage is an FHA-approved direct endorsement lender.

Some of the features of an FHA loan include:

  • Low down payment (usually 3.5% of the purchase price)
  • Low closing costs
  • Easier credit qualification
  • Option of fixed rate or adjustable rate mortgage (ARM)

Jumbo Loans

Jumbo loans are for mortgages that exceed the $453,100 limit set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

First-Time Homebuyer Loan Programs

The state of Colorado and El Paso County have loan programs available that offer first-time homebuyers with down payment assistance and have easier credit standards. CB&T Mortgage is an active lender in these programs.

Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA)

  • Offered to both first time and non-first time homebuyers
  • Credit score as low as 620
  • Down payment and closing cost assistance

El Paso County Single Family Mortgage Program

  • Down payment assistance grant equal to 4% of the mortgage amount to qualifying low and moderate income homebuyers
  • Mortgage rate at 4.5%
  • Maximum income set at $88,900 (2 or fewer) and $103,700 (3 or more)
  • Maximum home purchase price is $283,000
  • No first-time homebuyer requirement