Custom K Retirement Plan

Investment Flexibility‒Your Plan, Your Way.

As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to lower operating costs while keeping your staff happy. You care about your people and you realize they are doing more with less. We are constantly talking to people like you, and our Custom K Retirement Plan boasts a phenomenal success rate at helping business owners lower operating costs while also adding or protecting valuable employee benefits.

The Custom K Retirement Plan was named such for a reason. Members of the plan have complete flexibility and customization when selecting their investment options along with virtually unlimited access to publicly traded securities. Plus, members have the added, direct benefit of investment expertise from one of Colorado Springs’ largest Registered Investment Advisors.

Service: High-level for an important investment

Services for companies using the Custom K Retirement Plan

  • Dedicated TPA matched to your plan’s characteristics
  •  $700 million relationship with custodian
  • Assistance with selection and review of mutual funds/investment alternatives
  • Investment education tailored to your employees
  • Investment performance review
  • Asset allocation review

Services for employees benefitting from the plan

  • Broad investment alternatives
  • Risk tolerance guidance
  • Automatic portfolio rebalancing
  • Group educational meetings
  • Private one-on-one meetings

Compliance: Rest easy, we’ll take care of it.

To ensure that your plan is compliant with the rules governing 401(k) plans, we work with your plan administrator and keep all reports and plan documents organized and stored both electronically and in your document binder. Plan trustees can rely on our exclusive third-party report which analyzes your plan’s investment from a fiduciary standpoint.

Pricing: Extremely competitive

Our full fee disclosure promise coupled with leverage from our existing relationships make the Custom K Retirement Plan extremely competitive.

  • Each fee is negotiated on your behalf and clearly identified for complete transparency.
  • Fees that are often collected (sometimes called 12b-1 or marketing fees) by mutual funds or insurance companies are captured and returned to your account.
  • In addition, institutional level mutual funds may be used thereby offering the lowest level management fees.
  • Ensures competitive pricing for your plan.
Jill Johnson - Vice President
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