Family Office

Your Vision, Your Team

The Corundum Group serves some of America’s greatest legacy families. Focusing on the principal concerns of wealth accumulation, long-term asset growth, minimization of tax liabilities and the orderly transfer of wealth through proper estate planning, The Corundum Group takes pride in the relationships we build and the promises we fulfill.

Your Vision

A Comprehensive Approach to Wealth Management

Pursuing a vision and keeping priorities in focus

Various interests compete for your energies. You need a coordinated team of advisors, attorneys and accountants focused on your goals and a set of proven strategies to ensure you reach them.

At The Corundum Group, we work with you and your other advisors to keep your wealth management and estate plans on a steady, productive course by managing your bigger financial picture. By determining what you want to accomplish and reviewing your financial status (investment portfolio, estate plan, insurance programs and tax profile), we formulate a financial strategy designed to anticipate change and address it proactively.

Strength In Unity

Your most invaluable asset

The Corundum Group serves only a select group of clients and commands the resources and sophistication of larger firms while maintaining our boutique-style service. Our clients enjoy an extraordinary level of personal attention and control along with preferred access to top-tier financial organizations and their representatives, with numerous and substantial associated benefits.

At The Corundum Group, our principal concerns include:

  • Wealth accumulation
  • Long-term asset growth
  • Minimization of tax liabilities
  • Personal risk management
  • Proper estate planning to ensure the orderly transfer of wealth

Your Team

One Voice, One Direction

The most effective strategies are developed by top specialists working together; we have assembled an elite team of internal and third-party professionals to see that your wealth management plan is sound.

The attorneys, accountants, investment analysts and wealth managers who make up The Corundum Group are among the most respected, sophisticated minds in their fields—and the relationships we enjoy allow us to develop the best blueprint possible for attaining your goals.

Where firms who specialize in only one facet of wealth management are often reactive to modifications in the economy, law or other variables that affect your portfolio, The Corundum Group serves as your family office, anticipating and adapting to these changes, and using them to your advantage.

Team coordination lies at the heart of The Corundum Group’s services. By acting as your chief point of contact, we make certain that your tactical plans move in the proper direction and that your long-term strategic goals always remain in focus.

Our quarterly consolidated reporting process will keep you up to date on your asset allocations and investment performance. At The Corundum Group, we provide you the tools and information necessary to your family legacy.

Team Resources

  • Investment counsel
  • Accounting firms
  • Legal counsel
  • Personal Risk Management advisors
  • Financial consultants