Financial Concierge

Estate Planning and Administration

The Opportunity of More Than One Lifetime

The Corundum Group possesses a niche in developing comprehensive strategies designed to preserve and increase your assets while providing for the orderly and tax-effective transfer of wealth from generation to generation.

As part of our charge we monitor and evaluate tax proposals and regulatory changes, offer recommendations on how to refine your plan, and use a broad range of proven strategies, including gifting, lending, trusts, partnerships, and investment and insurance techniques in the deployment of a family’s assets.

As we see it, your estate plan is something to be reviewed and reshaped as often as necessary to serve your family’s financial needs. And because these needs usually change over time, we offer family office services to help make the most of every opportunity—from intra-family wealth transfers to plans and strategies that maximize the tax savings and annual gift exclusions.

Private Banking

Proprietary services, confidential transactions

The Corundum Group offers private banking services designed to meet complex financial needs. We coordinate these proprietary services, handling sensitive financial transactions in a closed, confidential setting that serves as a buffer for unwanted inquiries and solicitations.

Services include:
  • Personal lines of credit at extremely favorable rates, negotiated with the collective financial strength of our clients
  • Specialized real estate loans for residences with rates and terms outside normal bank parameters
  • Commercial loans supporting investments at extremely favorable rates
  • Household bill payment and account reconciliation with easy-to-read summary report
  • Flexible credit cards that attend to your unique credit and spending requirements

Taxes and Accounting

Many happy returns

The tax and accounting team at The Corundum Group offers an extensive range of services, the primary purpose of each being to minimize your income and estate taxes. We provide financial reporting and record keeping, and we coordinate comprehensive return preparation, all based on your long-range financial strategy and the critical recommendations of your portfolio management team.