Managing Risk

Risk Assessment Beyond Financial Security

Too often, the process of risk evaluation focuses on the loss of one’s estate or investments while ignoring other equally devastating forms of exposure, including frivolous lawsuits, loss of valuable articles, and more.

The Corundum Group, through affiliated CB Private Insurance Group, has experts in the fields of insurance, personal and home security, and risk mitigation to develop unique insurance and risk management programs for the affluent. The needs of wealthy families are similar to those of a business and should be approached as such—utilizing the best experts in this field.

Insurance Procurement

Our insurance staff approaches the insurance marketplace on behalf of the entire family in order to maximize your leverage and offer you the best products and services available.

For The Corundum Group, personal risk management is a critical component of the collective wealth management review.

Unique Affluent Risk Management Products
  • Family umbrella liability protection up to $100 million
  • Protection from exposures created by domestic staff including workers compensation, employment practices liability and theft
  • Kidnap and ransom protection for overseas travel
  • Fine arts coverage including appraisal resources, if needed

For more information about our insurance products and services, please visit CB Insurance.