Our Approach

Proactive and Personal Wealth Management

Our promise at The Corundum Group is to understand your personal and financial goals. We take the time to listen to you and then together we carefully create a financial strategy that meets your needs. While advisors are often reactive, we keep your wealth management plans on a steady, productive course by focusing on your bigger financial picture.

The Corundum Group offers sophisticated services for the protection and enhancement of family legacies. Representing both groups and individuals, we understand the unique dynamics of newly created and inherited wealth. We build personalized strategies that give you the control you desire to enjoy wealth’s privileges to the fullest today and facilitate its transfer in the future.

The History of The Corundum Group

Founded in 1992 as a Family Office, The Corundum Group was initially established to serve the financial needs of just one family. Its original goal was to provide superior returns by consolidating the family’s investment, tax, and estate planning needs. It wasn’t long until the company found that its expertise was being sought by others, and it soon became a multi-family office (MFO). The Corundum Group now manages over a billion dollars across numerous clients.

Reaching Your Goals, Earning Your Trust

You’ll discover tremendous value in our comprehensive suite of financial planning services. We’ll work with your other advisors on tax, estate, and legal issues—or we can recommend excellent professionals in those fields if needed.

Our Experience

  • Serve some of America’s greatest names in legacy wealth since 1992
  • Manage over $700 million in assets
  • Seasoned advisors with experience in the nation’s most successful firms

Investing in you

We work diligently for each of our clients to deliver the utmost in service. Our approach to fee structure is driven by transparency and honesty. We welcome a discussion of our fees and how they translate into a valuable resource used to achieve your goals.